Dentures are a reliable, affordable solution to the problem of missing teeth. They can restore both the appearance of your smile and your quality of life.

We’ve found that some patients feel hesitant about dentures. This may be because your experiences with dentures are limited to the “false teeth” your parents or grandparents once wore. We want to reassure you, however, that modern dentures look incredibly lifelike and fit more comfortably and securely than ever before. In fact, many of your friends may already wear dentures without you even knowing it!

The Difference in Today’s Dentures

At House Family Dental, we recognize that both function and appearance matter when it comes to your smile.  At House Family Dental, we work side-by-side with Rick Fortner from RK Dental Arts to provide you with custom dentures.  Rick has spent over 45 years increasing his knowledge and is an expert in the field.  You can trust Rick and out denture team with making your custom dentures, flexible partials, precision attachments, and night guards.  Rick can also do relines the same day!

RK Dental Arts will work with you closely to design teeth that are the right shape, size, and shade for your features and your skin tone. We won't skip any steps to make your custom dentures. It will take a little longer but the wait will be worth it!  The typical steps require:

  • Preliminary Impression:  This is the first set of molds we take in order to record enough detail of your gums for your customized dentures.  
  • Final Impression:  The custom trays will provide us with a more accurate mold needed to fabricate your dentures.
  • Bite Registration:  We with measure your bite and range of motion with your jaw.  This tells us where to place the teeth for your own set of custom dentures.
  • Wax Try-In:  This is preview of your what your dentures will look like.  The teeth are set in wax.  You can try them on and let us know if you want any changes before we finalize your dentures.  
  • Delivery:  This is the part we love the most!  Your custom dentures are done and we love to see our patients smile!  

We want you to be happy and confident with your new smile. It can take a week or so to get used to your dentures, and we’ll be there for you anytime you have a question or a concern.

Implant-Supported Dentures

While denture technology has come a long way, it’s not perfect. One of the biggest concerns that patients often have about dentures is the fact that they are held in place with suction. While suction is usually effective for the upper plate, the smaller lower plate may shift or come loose.

We have a solution to this concern.

Using surgically placed dental implants, we can design dentures that quite literally “lock” into place. The implants, which integrate with your jaw bone, are fitted with a ball-like attachment. You simply snap the dentures to the attachment and you don’t have to worry about unfortunate shifts and slips. Like traditional dentures, you can remove them easily for cleaning. Even better, implants help preserve your dental bone, so you’ll experience fewer changes over time, which keeps your dentures fitting well for a longer time.

Want to Learn More?

Is it time to consider dentures? You don’t have to be embarrassed. Rick and our dentists have designed dentures for hundreds of patients.  

Schedule a consultation today to find out more about your options.