Removing a tooth is usually a last resort. In some cases, however, removing the tooth is the best decision, particularly when allowing it to remain will compromise your overall dental health.

If you need to have a tooth removed, you want to make sure the dentist performing the procedure has the knowledge, experience, and skill to extract the tooth comfortably and efficiently. We are 100% committed to your comfort. If you feel worried or anxious about your procedure, let us know. We will work closely with you to make sure you feel comfortable and confident about having your extraction completed at House Family Dental.

Why Do I Need an Extraction?

Extractions may become necessary for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons we extract teeth include:

  • A tooth is broken and can’t be saved with a crown.
  • A root canal has failed or the infection has progressed too far.
  • A tooth is severely decayed and a filling or crown is no longer a good option.
  • You are preparing for orthodontic treatment or have a great deal of crowding.
  • You are preparing for dentures.
  • Your wisdom teeth are causing problems.

We can perform most extractions right here in our Pueblo West, CO dental office. If your extraction is complex (for example, an impacted wisdom tooth), we may refer you to an oral surgeon. We have great relationships with oral surgery specialists in the area, and we trust them to take great care of our patients.

Care Following an Extraction

Many people aren’t as worried about the procedure itself as much as the time following the procedure. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need to stay comfortable while you heal.

Any discomfort following your procedure can usually be treated with over-the-counter medication like Tylenol or Advil. After the first day, salt water rinses are also helpful. Don’t rinse your mouth on the first day, however, because it’s important that the clot that is developing isn’t disturbed. This clot is important because it protects the socket while it heals. Along these same lines, avoid drinking from a straw or smoking since the sucking action created will also dislodge the clot.

Be prepared to take it easy for the rest of the day. Stock your pantry and refrigerator with cool, soft foods that are easy to eat. Good choices include yogurt, broth, smoothies, and soups cooled to room temperature. Your dentist will provide you with additional directions prior to your procedure. If you have any questions, be sure to ask us. We will also be available if you find that you have concerns following your procedure.

Call for an Examination

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